We are a sled dog distance racing kennel, located in beautiful Willow, Alaska - home to some of the best mushing and mushers in the world.

The kennel started over a decade ago when one pet husky led the way through suburbia. More dogs followed, as well as some non-descript attempts at racing. Not long after, a trip to Alaska was the catalyst for seriously diving into the dog racing lifestyle. We purchased a number of dogs to serve as the core for a racing team, and off we went.

Based in north-central Massachusetts at the time, we trained for and raced the local events. Being a musher in Massachusetts was a frustrating experience. We got fed up with the inadequate trail access, consistently terrible snow conditions, and the overall lack of quality training. A very brief period of introspection led to the decision to move to prime mushing country, so we packed up the team and headed north to Alaska.

We settled in Willow next to good friends, built a home for ourselves and our dogs, and finally became Iditarod veterans. This season we have entered the last great race once again, and we're bringing a team composed almost entirely of two year olds to the starting line. It'll be a phenomal experience watching the dogs mature with the miles, and it's going to be one heck of a dog team once they're all grown up.

We invite you to follow us by reading up on the good word of the day, by browsing through our selection of canine athletes, or by contacting us directly. We welcome any and all level of support, and you can find the details on our sponsorship page. So grab a cup of coffee and join our adventure as we prepare for the Last Great Race one more time!

Lev Shvarts grew up in a dog-free family. He's since shed that restriction in a rather spectacular fashion. Educated and trained as an electrical engineer, he dreamed of running Iditarod while typing away in an air-conditioned cubicle. Since moving to the north, Lev gladly traded his keyboard for a framing hammer and his lab coat for a parka, and will refer to himself in the third person on websites.

Mel grew up in a small New Hampshire town where she worked at a ranch from a young age. She has a deep and abiding love of horses, and brought her Percheron "Luke" with her to Alaska. Mel is an exceptional pup trainer, and a bumper crop of puppies in no way dims her enthusiasm.

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